Free Bet Clubs

Here you will find our exclusive guide to weekly Free Bet Clubs from all the leading online bookmakers. Free Bet Clubs haven’t been around for a great period of time, but since they appeared on the online betting scene, they have become extremely popular among sports betting fans. These have been created as loyalty bonuses that give free bets for existing customers as a thank you for continued betting with them. We have gathered all the best Free Bet Clubs for you, and explained them, so you can see exactly what offer would be right for you, and the ones not suited to your betting.

What are Free Bet Clubs?

Free bet clubs are basically loyalty bonuses created by online bookmakers to reward their customers for continued betting. In the past, new customers were rewarded free bets for joining, but there was nothing to reward bettors for betting regularly. With the UK online betting market being so competitive, bookies realised that they need to work just as hard keeping their customers as they did to gain new customers. This is where free bet clubs came into play. These were created by the bookies to give something back to customers as a thank you, and reward, for continued betting, with the aim to give customers free bets either daily or weekly, normally weekly. Each bookie that offers free bet clubs have different rule and t’s and c’s, but the standard theme is all the same, place a selected amount of bets a week and if you hit that criteria then you’ll be rewarded with a free bet at the end of that week.

What are the best free bet clubs?

The simple answer to this question is that what is the best free bet club comes down to your own style and betting habits. As each of the bookies have different qualifying conditions, you should look through the offers above and see which one is right for you. For example, if you like betting on Greyhound racing then you should be looking at the Betfred free bet club as that one revolves around Greyhound racing, however, if you don’t usually bet on the Greyhounds then you would be better off looking at a different reward club.

Is there anything you should be aware of when claiming free bet club offers?

As with all betting offers, there will always be terms and conditions that you need to make sure you follow in order to qualify for the bonuses and offers. Free bet clubs are no different. For starters, each bookie will have different amount of bets, and value of bets needed to qualify with some only accepting certain bets as well, so it is always important to check those. Normally the qualifying period runs from Monday to Sunday, but again, these may vary slightly with different bookmakers, so make sure you know exactly when the cut-off is for that week’s promotion. You should also keep a keen eye on the terms surrounding the free bet that is rewarded, as these can sometimes be a little restrictive. For example, some can only be used on certain sports and betting markets and some expire after a couple of days. So, if you usually only bet at the weekend, you should log in at the beginning of the week to use your free bet before it has expired and removed.

Planet Sport Bet free bet
Free Bet Clubs 14-03-2024

Planet Sport Bet Loyalty Club

Despite Planet Sport Bet being a relative newcomer to the UK online betting sphere, they have made sure they work on keeping their customers happy. With competition so high in the UK sports betting market, bookies need to be offering plenty of quality betting offers and loyalty bonuses to keep their customers betting with them. […]

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Free Bet Clubs 14-03-2024

BetUK Acca Club

Although the main focus of this site is to highlight free bets for new customers, we love highlighting where existing customers can also grab some free bet action. BetUK are fairly new to the UK betting scene, but they have taken no time to realise if they want to keep their customers betting with them, […]

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Free Bet Clubs 29-06-2022

NetBet Acca Free Bet Club

NetBet are not one of the biggest names in UK online sports betting, it is fair to say, but they are one of the best bookmakers when it comes to producing betting offers, promotions, and loyalty rewards for their customers. One of the better ones they do offer, as it is so generous, is the […]

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Free Bet Clubs 28-06-2022

888Sport Acca Free Bet Club

One thing to note about the 888Sport betting site is they go about their business quietly and tend to ‘go under the radar’ somewhat. Due to that, it isn’t as widely known as it should be just how good they are for promotions and bonuses, and one of the best ones is their 888Sport free […]

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Free Bet Clubs 22-06-2022

EnergyBet Esports Free Bet Club

With EnergyBet being a fairly new online bookmaker trying to get a footing in the UK sports betting market, they will need to offer some great bonuses to keep their players betting with them. They do have a good range of promotions and bonus offers, and one of the best ones is the EnergyBet Esports […]

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Free Bet Clubs 21-06-2022

STSBet Horse Racing Free Bet Club

Many of the online bookies have been noticing how popular free bet clubs have become with customers, and how useful they have been in creating customer loyalty. With STSBet being a fairly new bookie to the UK market, they quickly decided that a STSBet free bet club would be a perfect betting offer for their […]

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Free Bet Clubs 16-06-2022

Boylesports Free Bet Club

If you look into the promotions and betting offers that Boylesports provide their betting customers, you will see that they are one of the best online bookmakers on that front. It should then come as no shock at all that Boylesports have seen how good free bet clubs are at rewarding customers’ loyalty, and how […]

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Free Bet Clubs 15-06-2022

BetVictor Free Bet Club

When an online bookmaker with as many betting offers and promotions on offer for their customers as BetVictor, it really isn’t a shock that they provide a BetVictor free bet club. BetVictor have always been known for their generous betting offers, so creating a free bet club, or the BetVictor Loyalty Club, as they call […]

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Free Bet Clubs 15-06-2022

VBet Free Bet Club

Just the fact that we here at have a Free Bet Club section shows how far the bookies have come by offering them as betting offers and how much the customers lap them up. As VBet provide many betting offers and promotions for their customers, it isn’t really any surprise that one would be […]

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Free Bet Clubs 15-06-2022

QuinnBet Daily Free Bet

As we mentioned in our QuinnBet review, they are a relatively new online bookie in the UK betting market, and to try and make as much of an impact as possible, they are very aggressive with their betting offers. One offer where you can see they are extra generous with their promotions and offers, is […]

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