About Us Here at FreeBetsUk.uk

Here at FreeBetsUK.uk, we aim to bring you the best free bets, betting offers and online bookmakers reviews. The team behind this site have been working in the sports betting arena for over 13 years and have a whole host of experience bringing honest reviews and opinions to punters.

The brains behind the operation, Aidan, now takes up the rest – “I started out betting on football and horses in the late 90s, when the online gambling as we know it today was just a dream. After developing a love of horse racing and betting on sports, it was inevitable that I followed the crowd and moved to online betting. Before then, it was a case of going to the nearest bookies betting shop or hoping a friend could get the bet on somewhere. William Hill was the first online betting account I opened, and that is where the adventure started.”

“Why did I choose William Hill? Did they have the best odds? Did they have the best website? Did they cover the most sports? Did they have the best free bet offer? Honestly, it was because they were one of the biggest names and I knew no better. I am actually fairly sure I didn’t even get a welcome bonus this first time that I opened an account!”

“I probably carried on betting with that account for about a year until I basically got fed up with giving William Hill all my money. At the time I was a member of a small gambling forum and 1 day someone asked which bookmakers we all used and why, the answers set my brain going, and that is where the concept of my first website came from. Most of us all used different online bookies, but hardly any of us could explain why.”

“At the time there were a fair few free bets websites, just showing you the welcome offers, but many lacked details. So I built a website with the punter in mind, not only would I show you all the different free bet welcome offers, I also fully reviewed the bookies betting sites. The aim was to help punters, like those on that forum all those years ago, find the perfect betting site for them.”

“That first website was built and complete in 2007 and over the next few years grew to become one of the biggest, best (obviously biased comment there) and most popular resources for sports betting fans. Each day hundreds of bettors would use our site and take advantage of our knowledge, and honest reviews. We even expanded our own knowledge by creating a website for the Australian market and reviewing the Aussie bookies for punters based there. After nearly a decade working on those sites, we were approached by a media firm and sold them both a short time afterwards.”

“We are now back, doing what we do best. We won’t lie to you; we won’t pretend we have some sort of amazing bonus hunter that has a gift of sniffing out free bets that no one else can find like some sites do. We don’t have free betting offers that you won’t find elsewhere, sometimes a site may have an exclusive free bet, but it is rare. Furthermore, we do have honest and detailed reviews of the online bookmakers though, and you will know exactly what to expect before you land on that bookies website. The plan is to continuously expand this website to make it the number 1 destination for sports bettors looking for honest reviews of betting sites, but also the best free bets on offer at the time, with those betting offers also explained, so you know exactly what you will be getting and how to get it”